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Installation Problems

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Installation Problems
I am trying to install DBMan SQL version. I am able to run the nph-setup.cgi properly and get the following:
DBMan SQL Setup
Let's check your setup and create the neccessary tables.

loading your db.cfg file ... ok.
checking perl 5.004 or better ... ok
checking for DBI module ... ok
trying to connect to database ... ok.
checking for users table ... can't find
dropping and recreating ... dropped ... created ... ok
inserting default user 'admin' password 'admin' ... ok
checking for logging table ... ok
checking for sessions table ... ok
checking for main database table ... ok
creating index table: description ... ok.

Congratulations, you are all set up. Go to db.cgi and log in with admin/admin. Enjoy.

But, when I try to login into DBman using admin/admin, I get "404 Error! The page you are trying to access is not available or cannot be found."

I checked the tables have been created. Any idea why is this happening????

Please help. Thanks.

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