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Inline Images

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Inline Images
Hello GT ...

We've got the image file upload thing working OK -- but we can't work out how to display the image inline, as part of a detailed record.

This works ...
<a href="db.cgi?cn=Logo&id=<%oID%>&do=view_file"> <%Logo%> </a>
... but we would like to have the logo immediately visible, instead of providing a link to it.
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Re: [YoYoYoYo] Inline Images In reply to
See this thread:


Basically, you need to use the url you've got for the link as the src for the image. You also will probably want to add &uid=default to the src url (so that it's viewable by guest visitors).

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Re: [hennagaijin] Inline Images In reply to
Thanks ... that works for us. But we found that adding uid=default does strange things to the speedbar for registered users.