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How do I move DBMan SQL to another host

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How do I move DBMan SQL to another host
Hi all.

Jack originally installed this for one of my clients. But I'm moving to a new server and haven't a clue as to the steps involved.

My guess is, that I backup the db and then transfer it to my local machine.

Then what ?


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Re: [LanceS] How do I move DBMan SQL to another host In reply to
Hi Lance.

I think you really want to install the script from scratch using a "clean" download. See if you can track down your client's GT account info and then get a fresh copy of the script and install it on the new server.

As for moving your database/tables... The best course of action may depend on how many tables you have to move and how many records are in them. If it's only a handful of tables, you're probably best off recreating the tables through the admin panel in the new installation, and then uploading a MySQL dump of the data from the old database. If that's not practical due to the number of tables, then you might look into a fancier solution involving copying of .def files and such - but that course of action isn't recommended without expert guidance (i.e. get someone who knows more than I do, like a GT staff person, to help you).

Hope that helps.

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