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How do I add last 10?

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How do I add last 10?
I have this database that has buyers and sellers 2 tables and 1 usertable for both of them.

I have added a capability for buyers to send e-mail to sellers. Now I would like to add field/s so when buyer logs in, he/she would see last 10 e-mails submitted with following info: buyers name/link to his/hers records and date when submitted.

How would I carry this out?
Should I add 10 extra fields for user section?
and what is the command/s to add that kind of data for this?

Lets just start easy way first, and add only last record Smile
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Re: [Suomi] How do I add last 10? In reply to

do you log the emails somewhere?

If the data you are after is in a table you can either do a query in a template global, which makes it available in any template or provide a link to that list by just specifying the right query data in that link.

You may get an idea here:



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