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How Many Tables Can A MySQL Database Handle

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How Many Tables Can A MySQL Database Handle

I have been working with DBMan SQL awhile now and I now have over 100 tables in my database and this number will keep on increasing. I was wondering if there is maximum number of tables a database can handle or if there will be any problems as the number increases. How we are setup we would expect our number of tables to reach in the thousands. We are currently on a shared server but do expect to switch to a dedicated server in the future.

Basically, I am wondering if we will run into any problems?

Chris Huey
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I *think* that the table size will be more important than the number of tables. Although as tables are actually stored as files on disk then it is probably not wise to have many many thousands piled up in the same directory.

I know of people with 50,000 plus files in one directory so I expect 10,000 tables (wihch I think will create 20000-30000 mysql files such as MYI and MYD) is realistic although I am totally guessing.

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Paul: Jan 29, 2003, 8:45 AM