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Help with online/hits counter in template

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Help with online/hits counter in template
I would welcome any suggestions on the following. I have been using an 'visitors online' and 'hits' counter on a 'normal' shtml index page which is not a DBManSQL template. (The script is GTCounter @ http://www.gtchat.de/cgi-bin/download.pl?file=gtcounter-1.1)

I now would like to have such a GT template as my initial welcome page. However I cannot use the code
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.pl?ssi"-->
IN this template to display the output of the perl script counter.pl. I believe this is not possible according to GT.

Has anyone a work-around, design suggestion or other routine (JavaScript ?) that I could use in my template? Okay I could use frames (one for the GT template) and a lower one with the ssi counter output page but that complicates my design layout.
Thanks for any ideas!