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Help with "modify Record"

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Help with "modify Record"

I'm having a helluva hard time dealing with a bug I found out. Let me first clarify matters and state openly that I'm NOT a programmer and it is likely this problem will seem trivial to you people (or so I hope :)

I installed the DB Ok...I'm still having some problems with file uploading (but that's a different story).

My biggest problem now is with the "modify" feature. The user is able to click on "modify record" and have their info populate the form like it's supposed to. However, when they actually change the info, nothing happens! I get a crazy looking page and the record is NOT modified!! Can anyone shed some light?

If you'd like to try it for yourself, please go to

You can log in as "author/author".

thanks a bunch!

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There is a thread in this forum that talks about this kind of problem. It's titled "Can't modify my Database Entries".
The following may help.

The problem seems to be in the db.cgi file (sub add_record and sub modify_record).

*****I changed*****
# Set the userid to the logged in user.
($auth_user_field >= 0) and ($in{$db_cols[$auth_user_field]} = $db_userid);

# Set the userid to the logged in user.
($auth_user_field >= 0) and ($in{$auth_user_field} = $db_userid);

This fixed the problem but I don't know if it is the correct solution.
See if it works for you and I would also contact Gossamer Support and tell them about it.