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Help! Need to create a temp user db for signups...

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Help! Need to create a temp user db for signups...
The name of my data table is 'guestbook'. The name of my user account table is 'guestbook_user'. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to do this: A user creates an account with their Username and e-mail address. This info is written to a table called 'guestbook_user_temp'. When the user logs in successfully, it is then written to the 'guestbook_user' table and deleted from 'guestbook_user_temp'.

I want to do it this way because if a person types in their incorrect e-mail address, they are going to create another account with their correct one. Now the account with the incorrect e-mail address will never get used and it will remain in 'guestbook_user'! I'm already going to have over 32,000 user accounts in 'guestbook_user', one for every entry in 'guestbook', and I don't want ambiguous accounts sitting in there wasting space. If I could make a 'guestbook_user_temp', I can delete all the entries in it once a week or once a month.

I know it's possible and I can probably write the code, but would there be an easy way to do this?