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GT::CGI->url() & https

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GT::CGI->url() & https

I have found out that GT::CGI->url(absolute => 1) doesn't return urls with https. It returns the url allways with http:// in front. Question to GT: would it be possible to implement some sort of SSL check in the next version of CGI.pm?

I'd suggest to check $ENV{HTTPS} to see if the URL has been opened using SSL.

I've tried to modify CGI.pm a bit:


if ($absolute) {
my ($protocol, $version) = split('/', $ENV{SERVER_PROTOCOL} || 'HTTP/1.0';

if ($protocol eq 'HTTP') {
if ($ENV{HTTPS} eq 'on') {
$url = "https://";
else { $url = "http://" };

else { $url = lc $protocol . "://"; }


Please let me know what you think about it.

Many thanks

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