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File Upload at Signup - to upload a user photo

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File Upload at Signup - to upload a user photo
I have added following fields in the user table using Customize user table -

1. Photo as FILE field to store a user picture
2. Address fields - Street, City, State, Zip

The Signup template was modified and it seems to work well for any kind of field except FILE. The photo file is not uploaded for some reason.

I have the 2.1.0 version, and have updated the File.pm in GT/SQL directory. With this updated file, File Upload works perfectly for any user defined tables that has FILE field.

Any reason why it will not work for user table fields? Has anyone customised User tables to add fields for uploading a picture or any kind of file?

Please help, and let me know if there is any way of uploading a file associated with User Table field.