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File Upload - Different Type Of Issue

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File Upload - Different Type Of Issue
I need to provide a link to PDF's that are uploaded via DBMan SQL (the standard upload file works fine for getting the files loaded up to the server). The original person working on the issue had made the link a search on the database for that record number. Some reason the I'm running into an issue of the PDF displaying properly on all systems with this method. We've found that providing a straight link to the PDF erases this issue.

Example of existing way:
<%if SpecificationsPDF%><a href="http://www.rkrmedia.com/...;todo=search_results" target="_blank">Specifications</a><%endif%>

Example of work around:
<a href="http://www.rkrmedia.com/...ordNumber%>-b.pdf">
Where I have the person manually change the file name before uploading to therecordnumber-b.pdf .

This would work fine except that DBMan SQL adds the ID number to the front of the file name when uploading it. I either need to figure out how to stop DBManSQL from doing this or figure out how to dynamically call the ID column information. For Example:
<a href="http://www.rkrmedia.com/...ordNumber%>-b.pdf"> (which doesn't work).