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Error Messages

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Error Messages

I was under the impression that the new version of DBManSQL (2.1.0) would not be language dependent (and in fact the new manual says on page 5 - Language Independent: English is not used within the DBManSQL code.............).

How about the following error messages in admin/GT/SQL.pm, are any of them viewable by users???

# Common Errors
'UNIQUE' => "The column '%s' must be unique, and already has an entry '%s'.",
'NOTABLE' => 'No table defined -- call $db->table($table) before accessing.',
'BADMETHOD' => "Invalid method: '%s' invoked.",
'CANTOPEN' => "Cannot open file '%s'. Reason: %s",
'INVALIDMETHOD' => "Invalid method: '%s' called.",
'FILENOEXISTS' => "File '%s' does not exist or the permissions are set incorrectly",
'TBLENOEXISTS' => "Table %s has not been created yet",
# GT::SQL Errors
'NODRIVER' => "Database driver %s is not installed. Available drivers: %s",
'CANTLOAD' => "Unable to load driver %s (%s).",
'BADCONFIG' => "Configuration file '%s' has been corrupted. Reason: %s",
'BADPREFIX' => "Invalid prefix: '%s'.",
'NODATABASE' => "No database def file -- create def file with ->set_connect before calling \$obj->%s.",
'CANTCONNECT' => "Could not connect to database. Reason: %s",
'CANTPREPARE' => "Failed to prepare query: '%s' Reason: %s",
'CANTEXECUTE' => "Failed to execute query: '%s' Reason: %s",
'BADSUBCLASS' => "Unable to load subclass: '%s' Reason: %s",
'NEEDDEBUG' => "You must turn on debug in order to access query logs.",
'NOORACLEHOME' => "The environment variable ORACLE_HOME is not defined. It must be defined for the script to connect properly.",
'NONLSDATE' => "Unable to set NLS_DATE_FORMAT. Reason: %s",
# Table Errors
'BADNAME' => "Invalid table name '%s'.",
'NOTNULL' => "Column %s cannot be left blank.",
'NORECMOD' => "The record you are attempting to modify no longer exists in the current table.",
'NOVALUES' => "You did not pass any valid column names to %s.",
'BADMULTVALUES' => "One or more of the value groups passed to %s contained an incorrect number of values.",
'FKRELATION' => "Column %s breaks foreign key relation with the %s table.",
'NOPKTOMOD' => "Cannot modify record, no primary key specified.",
'DEPENDENCY' => "Table %s has dependencies. Aborting",
'ILLEGALVAL' => "%s cannot contain the value '%s'",
'ALREADYCHANGED'=> "The record you are attempting to modify has changed since you last accessed it.",
'REGEXFAIL' => "The regular expressions %s for this column is not properly formed.",
'RECORDEXISTS' => "The record you are trying to add already exists.",
'EXECNOSTH' => "You can't call %s whithout calling %s first.",
'FKNOTABLE' => "A foreign key is referencing a non existant table: %s. GT::SQL load error: %s",
'CIRCULAR' => "Circular reference detected in the foreign key schema. Already seen column: %s.",
'CIRCULARLIMIT' => "Loop detected in circular reference check, hit maximum recursion depth of 100.",
# Relation Errors
'BADCOLS' => "Bad columns / column clash: columns named '%s' have been found in current relation, please qualify your expression.",
'BADCONSTRAINTS'=> "Cannot insert into relation as table '%s' is not loaded.",
# Creator Errors
'BADTYPE' => "%s is not a supported type.",
'AINOTPK' => "Column %s defined as auto_increment but is not an int.",
'TBLEXISTS' => "Could not create table '%s'. Reason: It already exists",
'NOTABLEDEFS' => "You must define your table before creating it",
'NOPOS' => "No position column was found in definition for column: %s",
# Editor Errors
'NOCOL' => "There is no column %s in this table.",
'REFCOL' => "You cannot alter column %s, as table %s still has references to it. Remove those references first.",
'NOPK' => "There is no primary key for this table.",
'COLREF' => "You cannot alter column %s, as it is a foreign key. Remove the foreign key first.",
'NOINDEX' => "You are trying to modify an index that does not exist",
'NOUNIQUE' => "You are trying to drop a unique column '%s', but it is not unique.",
'INDXQTEXT' => "Cannot create index on '%s' as it is a text/blob field.",
'COLEXISTS' => "Unable to add column '%s' - already exists.",
'NOTUNIQUE' => "Cannot create unique index on '%s', data is not unique.",
'INDXEXISTS' => "Unable to add index '%s' - already exists.",
'PKTEXT' => "Column %s specified as a primary key but is a text or a blob type",
'UNIQTEXT' => "Column %s specified as a unique but is a text or blob column type",
'TABLEREFD' => "%s cannot be dropped as table still has references to it",
'PROTECTED' => "Column %s is a protected field and cannot be edited or dropped",
'NOFILESAVEIN' => "Column %s must have file_save_in set if is to be File type",
'NEEDCHAR' => "The FILE Field, %s, must have a CHAR Column type.",
'NODIRPRIV' => "Privileges on directory %s do not allow write or directory does not exist",
'SAMEDRIVER' => "Search Driver (%s) is the same.",
# Admin Errors
'NOACTION' => "The CGI object passed in did not contain an action for me. %s",
# Tree errors
'NOTREE' => "No tree object exists for table '%s'. Create a tree first with \$editor->add_tree",
'NOTREEOBJ' => "You attempted to call '%s' without a valid tree object. Call \$table->tree() first",
'TREEEXISTS' => "A tree already exists for table '%s'",
'TREENOCANDO' => "You attempted to call '%s' on table '%s', but that table has a tree attached and does not support the command.",
'TREENOIDS' => "You did not pass any ID's to %s.",
'TREEBADPK' => "You tried to create a tree on table '%s', but that table doesn't have a primary key, or has multiple primary keys.",
'CANTCREATETREE'=> "Unable to create tree table. Reason: '%s'",
'TREEBADJOIN' => "Joining more than 2 tables with a tree is not supported. You attempted to join: %s",
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Re: [jai] Error Messages In reply to

This is one of our library modules that we use for all products related to SQL. These errors rarely happen unless you have serious problems. You may want to customize the language file in the template directory of your Dbsql. Anyway, we are looking forward to removing the language out of the library modules in the future.



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