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Dumb question...How do you search with DBManSQL??

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Dumb question...How do you search with DBManSQL??
The subject is a bit stupid but the question should be valid :) : How do you search with variables in DBManSQL?

What I mean is, in DBMan you could put a * to search for all records in a field, or R* to search for all records starting with "R" in the field. Can't seem to do this in DBManSQL. Can anyone give me some examples of searching with DBMan? (Ahem...JPD maybe :) )

BTW: I may have some converted mods for everyone for DBManSQL. I am rewriting my db.cgi for DBManSQL from subs and other stuff I added to my old db.cgi for DBMan. I'm getting the hang of MySQL (sorta). MOD's I've got working so far: Display Number of Records, Private Mailer, Change Password, and most of the Secure Password Lookup (still need to convert 'Forgot your password'). If someone can help me with the search question above, I can get the Auto View-Modify Link Mod to work as well, then I will be working on the Mass Mailer for Admin Mod and the Top 10 Record Counter (More Accurate) Mod.

Mods that will work without any conversion (the ones I use anyway): Short & Long Version Lists Mod, and Alternating Colors on Short List Mod.