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Developers Guide?

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Developers Guide?
On the admin > plugin pages it says:

Plugins are a powerful new feature of DBMan SQL. They allow you to easily extend, enhance or alter the functionality of any aspect of DBMan SQL. From your plugin manager, you can easily install new plugins, check out Gossamer Threads to view the latest plugins, or update existing ones, remove plugins that are no longer useful and even temporairly disable/enable installed plugins.

Included in every copy is also a powerful plugin authoring tool. It allows people with a little perl knowledge to easily create plugins, and also share them with the DBMan SQL community instantly. Be sure to read the DBMan SQL developers guide for more information on enhancing DBMan SQL.

Did anyone find this guide in the distribution?


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Re: [ktt] Developers Guide? In reply to

We don't have that in there yet as it's not finished. For details on plugins, I would look at the Links SQL admin demo:


as they behave the same way. You can also look at the XMLResults plugin as an example.


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