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Default autentication problem

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Default autentication problem

I want that the Registered user have permission to view own and modify own, and the default user the permission to view all

But If I put

auth_no_authentication No

auth_allow_default View

The default user canīt view the results, it gets the login screen

If I put

auth_no_authentication Yes

The default user can view, but the registered canīt login and add data

How can I solve this problem?


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assombracao: Nov 13, 2002, 2:23 PM
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Re: [assombracao] Default autentication problem In reply to
It seens that the problem is in the


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Re: [assombracao] Default autentication problem In reply to
The Authorization Options should be set:

auth_no_authentication: No

auth_allow_default: view

auth_modify_own: Yes

auth_user_field: This is the field name in the database used for storing the userid who owns the record.

The URL of default user to view all records: