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Database wount Start

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Database wount Start
I am trying to get the DBDMAN SQL V.1 sample (dbsql) database started. but alas it wount start i used the the sample

1. using the phpMyadmin on my website server I created a database called "dbsql"
2. created a username called "tester"
3. created a password called "johnson"
4. *note* I was told by my website support center to use "localhost" as the server host in the
@db_connect line in the CFG script
5. (I tried the following to get the database started)www.jamaicasearch.net/cgi-bin/dbsql/nph-setup.cgi

QUESTION: Base on the above information I configured in my CFG file shown below, are my configurations correct especially the @db_connect line...???????

Script URL
# --------------------------------------------------------
# URL of the directory dbman resides in. No Trailing Slash Please.
$db_script_url = "http://www.jamaicasearch.net/cgi-bin/dbsql/db.cgi";
# Path and file name of the html routines.
require "./html.pl";

# Database and SQL Configurations
# --------------------------------------------------------
# The paramaters to connect to the database. The first parameter is
# the server to connect to and should be of the form:
# DBI:dbd_driver_name:database:server:port
# The second and third parameters are username/password if needed.
@db_connect = ("DBI:mysql:dbsql:localhost", "tester", "johnson");
# Are you using mSQL? Because it does not support a lot of key features,
# and because it is so popular, I've made some mods to support mSQL.
$db_msql = 0;
# The table name to store all your information.
$db_table = 'Items';
# The table name to store your logging information.
$db_table_log = 'Items_log';
# The table name to store your session information.
$db_table_session = 'Items_session';
# The table name to store user information
$db_table_user = 'Items_users';
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Re: [jamaicasearch1] Database wount Start In reply to
Yes, that's correct




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