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DBMan to DBManSQL multiple .cfg files question

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DBMan to DBManSQL multiple .cfg files question
I'm converting a highly modified DBMan implementation to DBManSQL 1.02 (for now and in future to 2.0)

My question is that for each client I have 15 DBMan files. Six each .Cfg and .db files plus a .log, .count and .pass file. There are also 6 different html.pl files. One for each database type.

So, my question is do I then have 6 tables and 6 cfg files plus one table each for the log, session and users ? this would keep the multiple html.pl files, one per data table and one .cfg per data table.

Does that make sense? I'm just thinking through the first step of how to take what I have in DBMan and come up with a version in DBMan SQL 1.02 that is as similar as possible -- and has the least number of modifications to all my custom files.


Hollister, Ca
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