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DBMan SQL beta2 Install

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DBMan SQL beta2 Install

The install worked.SmileSmileSmile

There were only two to four bits of info that could have been included in the README file; that can be helpful for a beginner:

1. The Folder to which install.cgi and install.dat will be uploaded to should be chmodded to 777;
2. install.cgi should be ftp'd in ASCII format and then chmodded to 755;
3. install.dat should be ftp'd in Binary format and then chmodded to 644;

One additional suggestion would be to edit the install.cgi script to auto detect the 'path(s)' that are related to the specific URL's that need to be defined during the install.

Only during the installation of my UltraBoard was I able to see what the associated path was for a specific URL.

Can/should I look for and make available the code to handle this task???

Thanks for the replies in my other installation threads.Smile

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Re: DBMan SQL beta2 Install In reply to
Hi Leo,

Can you provide a bit more information on how the interface worked? i.e. When you were asked for a path, did it make a separate request to the server to figure out the URL?



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Re: DBMan SQL beta2 Install In reply to
It looked very similar to the Links SQL and DBMan SQL installation interfaces, and instead of having to know what the associated path of a specfic URL was/is, some part of this script detects and populates that/those field(s).

This evening, when I get access to the script (on my home pc) I'll send you a link to download it.

Your scripts auto clean the install files after installation;
the UltraBoard one is a manual process.

I would think that you might be able to cut and paste the code, or at least reduce the devo time. Smile