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DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL

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DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL
I don't know whether this is a DBMan question or a DBMan-SQL question so I'll post the in both forums.

We have purchased DBMan_SQL, now ...

We have a strange and unforeseen problem here. Our operations people have never run a MySQL database and have real big security concerns about allowing it to run on our servers.

Do you know of a way to mitigate this concern?

I fear that if I must use MySQL they are going to prohibit the DBMan-SQL application, that I've modified, from running. They do state that they will allow the CGI to run against a DBM file. I am not a Perl person and I do not know what a DBM file is.

Is there a way for the DBMan-SQL or DBMan flatfile app to be modified to run against a DBM file?

The operations people don't really understand Perl either, however, they tell me anyone that understands Perl will understand what a DBM is.

Our database, be it flat file or relational database, should never exceed 20MB. With records that have been cleaned up right now a full load is about 8MB.

Also, since I began using the DBMan-SQL version I have lost two features that I believed were nice. First, my result data is no longer sorted properly, and I have loss the search value highlighting. This is occurring even though I use, for the most part, the same html.pl that I use against the flat file database. The
only thing in the html.pl file that changed is "ascend" was changed to "asc".


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Re: DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL In reply to
Since you purchased DBMAN-SQL , you should post questions about it in this forum. Hope that clears up the confusion. Wink

About using DBM rather than SQL tables...I really don't know an answer...You might want to send Gossamer Threads a message via their contact form. Just a suggestion, you probably should've checked with the technological aspects of your computer network before purchasing an application package.



Eliot Lee

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Re: DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL In reply to
Thank you for your reply.

The money in case wasn't an issue. I did check with Gossamer and evidently the use of DBM would cause a complete re-write of DBMan.

By the way I did check with the technical people before the purchase. They didn't have problem, express any concerns, or raise any issues until they were confronted with a live app and database.

Their problem is that don't undestand either the GCI or MySQL and they want an independent source tell them it's okay to run this stuff in their world.

I don't blame them the internet can be a scary place ... can't it. Wink

Since the posted in the wrong forum do you have the ability to delete it, I don't want to junk up the BB.

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Re: DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL In reply to
uh...yea...click on the Edit button...then click the Delete checkbox, then click Continue or OK buttons.

BTW: Welp...I guess you did not provide specific requirements for your project (like telling them that the database requires Perl, DBI, and MySQL or MSSQL).



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Re: DBM File for DBMan or use DBMan-SQL In reply to
To answer your question, before I delete this thread, yes they were told what was needed. I was told "no problem, we already have MySQL running here -- somewhere, easy to setup ... not rocket science ... etc.".

But it's all okay. I've decided not to do DBM. I've concluded that they don't, as yet, have a means by which they can support dynamic programming.

They, as well, do not have a means to determine what is secure and what isn't. So until they have a plan or process in place that will give them that warm and fuzzy feeling about an application, everything of this nature will be denied acceptance.

Management knows of the problem, it's their call. They asked for the app, they defined the scope and then changed the scope to a nature which required a relational db. They provided no funds, with exception of the DBMan-SQL purchase.

I'm not bitter about any of this, I consider it the nature of the beast and I go on to the next project.

Also, I am not the webmaster -- he left out of frustration. I just inherited his tasks, without funds, and without training.

Like I said, it's the nature of the beast.