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Customised Message when search fails

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Customised Message when search fails
By default, when a search fails, dbman sql 2 displays a message "Your search returned no results." followed by the search form and search options so the user can try again.

I'm not allowing my members to search, but I am allowing them to add / modify / delete information in several databases. When they choose to "list products", if they have products listed, all is well, but if they have no products listed as yet, they get the search form which is confusing.

What changes would I need to make so that when a search fails, a generic message is displayed : "No details found"

A refinement would be:
If they list products : "No products found"
If they list contacts : "No contacts found"

Many thanks for any help

(I should add perhaps that I'm only using dbman-sql for the member area of the site. The "front end" which visitors use to search is in php.)
Tim Ault
Oxford UK

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