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CrazySorry I posted this on the wrong forum awhile back... no wonder why I did not get any response.

Playing with Sample database, I was able to dublicate my problem.

If I select colors black red and white (Just created a sample data)

It wokrks ok.

If I Modified the same data, and change it to black only it still works.

But If I try to deselect every color (ie data should be empty), it wont work, it keeps the last option.

I need to find a fix for this, since I am going to use checkboxes in my database, and I need to be able to give them an option to change the options back to Null (Or empty or deselect all check boxes)

Is this a bug, or did I miss something?


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Re: [Suomi] Checkboxes... In reply to

It should be fixed in the next release version.

Thanks for your feedback,