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Changing the date format

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Changing the date format
Hi ,

I am trying to change the date format from yyyy-mm-dd to mm-dd-yyyy. I have written a global for that but i don't know how to pass the value to the global . I am getting the date from a database and need to pass it to the global to change the value ..


In my template..I have

<td bgcolor="#CCCCCC" width="14%" ><font size="2" class="boxhead">First Contact: </font></td>
<td width="6%" ><font face='arial, helvetica, sans serif' size='2'> <%FirstContact%> </td>

where i get <%FirstContact%> from the database . but is in yyyy-mm-dd format

so I want to pass it to a global <%dateformat('$olddate')%>.. but I don't know how to assign

the value of <%FirstContact%> to $olddate

can someone help me with this.