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Can somebody get me started with relational data and tables?

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Can somebody get me started with relational data and tables?
I have for several years run a web site using good old flat file dbMan, and the great and always helpful JPDeni's relational mod. Worked so well I didn't feel the need to use SQL.

Now I am upgrading the site to SQL. And I need someone to help me get started, because I do not understand dbman sql anywhere near as well as I did dbman.

The site is for quality award programs which have - of course - quality awards they present to winners.

So, that's three tables (program, awards, recipients). In the old site i had long version of the program information which at the bottom listed all of the programs awards. Clicking on the award took you to the award's page, which listed - among other things -a the award recipients.

I have the tables set up in dbman sql, and the long version of each record working in for each table. What I am striggling with is listing data from a related table.

I would appreciate it if someone could tell how to do that. I have messed around using dbsql::relation:html:: tags but have not gotten them to produce anything. Using <%table.field%> generates only an Unknown Tag error.

(JPDeni where are you?) This cannot be that hard, am I missing something simple?