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Can DbMan SQl do this?

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Can DbMan SQl do this?
Hi all,
I am using dbman on a couple of different sites. I am looking to upgrade to the DBMan SQl but I wanted to see if some of the current mods/features are available in the current SQL 2.0 version.

* Short/Long Display
* Auto delete after a fixed number of days
* Limit the number of records per user
* Insert (,) commas in prices
* User friendly style temples
* File upload (doc, text, pdf's)
* Image Upload (Single)
* Image Upload (Multiple)
* Password Lookup
* Auto Backup



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Re: [iteams] Can DbMan SQl do this? In reply to
All those MODS would have to be re-written...there are some plugins and some built-in features that would accomodate your previous MODS.
Buh Bye!