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Can't locate object method "send"...

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Can't locate object method "send"...
 use GT::Mail;

# Create and Sending
GT::Mail->send (
smtp => 'gossamer-threads.com',
to => 'scott@gossamer-threads.com',
from => 'scott@gossamer-threads.com',
subject => 'Hello!!',
msg => 'I am a text email'
) or die "Error: $GT::Mail::error";

Gives me an error:Can't locate object method "send" via package "GT::Mail" (perhaps you forgot to load "GT::Mail"?) at Dbsql::Home::send_info line 8.Its referring to this line: GT::Mail->send Any help appreciated.... I had this working before :)
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Re: [Suomi] Can't locate object method "send"... In reply to
It seems that GT::Mail is not available



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