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Can't even get started!

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Can't even get started!
Ok... in two weeks now I've overcome a whole lot with this script but I am still getting nowhere (spent $1200 so far). Mad

I have the script up, running and same with the SQL database link. Now when I load the "tables," with the default settings, I see nothing in the "editor" view like I think I should be seeing (according to the PDF manual that is included). I cannot select any tables at all, the pulldown box for the "tables" is blank (but right below it I see add, modify, etc.). OK. maybe I need to create a table, makes sense. So I try to create a table and it says that a new table is created AND I can see it in the SQL server (with all the settings I assigned it, etc). But it still doesn't appear in the pulldown list, still nothing. Side question, if I create a table is it supposed to appear in that pulldown list?

After a bit of playing around I am able to get into the Sample_Users table (from the table properties of a table I was setting up). So I try to add a column that is really simple, "AHSid". Then I get this error (I turned on debugging so you can see the backtrace):

Sorry about the long "environment" it is my webserver doing that. Anyways I'm kinda stuck. Any ideas?

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LanceWilson2: Nov 22, 2002, 9:07 PM
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Ok... for some reason between the preview and the post the error code got deleted.

Let's try this again.

A fatal error has occured:

Describe failed during DBI::st=HASH(0x8499100)->FETCH(NAME) at /users/a/allied/public_html/code/admin/GT/SQL/Driver/ODBC.pm line 422.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Stack Trace
Dbsql (19725): GT::SQL::Driver::ODBC::sth::execute called at /users/a/allied/public_html/code/admin/GT/SQL/Driver.pm line 225 with arguments
Dbsql (19725): GT::SQL::Driver::do called at GT::SQL::Editor::add_col line 103 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Driver::ODBC=HASH(0x8346fa0), ALTER TABLE Sample_Users ADD CHPid INT DEFAULT '00000000' NOT NULL).
Dbsql (19725): GT::SQL::Editor::add_col called at GT::SQL::Admin::editor_add_field line 1804 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Editor=HASH(0x8342770), CHPid, HASH(0x8333730)).
Dbsql (19725): GT::SQL::Admin::editor_add_field called at /users/a/allied/public_html/code/admin/GT/SQL/Admin.pm line 121 with arguments
Dbsql (19725): GT::SQL::Admin::process called at /users/a/allied/public_html/code/admin/admin.cgi line 38 with arguments
(GT::SQL::Admin=HASH(0x81fdf84), db, Dbsql::Fake=SCALAR(0x81f5ff8), cgi, GT::CGI=HASH(0x8137ecc)).
Dbsql (19725): main::main called at /users/a/allied/public_html/code/admin/admin.cgi line 24 with no arguments.

System Information
Perl Version: 5.006001
DBMan SQL Version: 2.1.0
DBI.pm Version: 1.30
@INC =

column => CHPid
db => Sample_Users
default => 00000000
do => editor_add_field
file_max_size =>
file_save_in =>
file_save_scheme => HASHED
file_save_url =>
form_display => AHSid
form_names =>
form_size => 8
form_type => TEXT
form_values =>
index => regular
not_null => 1
regex =>
size => 8
type => INT
values =>

CGI Cookies
def_files_page => 25
def_pages_screen => 20
def_passwd_dir => 0
def_sort => name
def_working_dir => /
editor_mode => 0
font => <font face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' size=2>
hidden_file => 1
readme_position => Y
scheme => fileman

BASH_ENV => /home/lance/.bashrc
CLASSPATH => java/classes/servlet.jar:java/classes/roxen_servlet.jar:java/classes/roxen_module.jar:java/classes
CONTENT_TYPE => application/x-www-form-urlencoded
COOKIES => editor_mode scheme def_working_dir def_passwd_dir def_pages_screen hidden_file readme_position font def_files_page def_sort

"Environment" removed because it was just TOO long. If you need it I can supply it.