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Booleans with Functions

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Booleans with Functions
Why doesn't this work -
<%if Dbsql::scFileFind::get_files($school,'picture_lesson','1') eq 'no'%>Do something<%else%>Dbsql::scFileFind::get_files($school,'picture_lesson','1')<%endif%>
but this does -
<%set return_result = Dbsql::scFileFind::get_files($school,'picture_lesson','1')%>
<%if return_result eq 'no'%>Do something<%else%><%return_result%><%endif%>

Thank you.
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Re: [jai] Booleans with Functions In reply to
I know, there are some cases, where the GT parser doesn't "understand" what you want.
To answer shortly: it is a parser "feature". Wink
Logically, it should handle these cases, but it can't, so you have to simplify some expression result into a variable using set, which variable can be easily handled/understood by the parser.

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