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Add sid for short URL?

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Add sid for short URL?
Yellow there.

I just changed my database to use session Id's and now I have a one problem.

When I am sending url link via e-mail for this particular link.

ie .../db.cgi?db=demo&do=search_results&detail=1&ID=1023

This worked before sid addittion.(Well not perfectly... you had to sign up, and then click the url again)

What I want to do is basically forward the url as a hidden (or whatever means) that when clicked it would go automatically to that record. If not logged in, log in and then it would go to url automatically)

Right now I would have to manually paste the sid=whatever to the url, and its not feasible.Unsure


(I could remove session ID if it makes more userfriendly, and easier to code)

(ie just go directly to the detail record after logging in)

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Suomi: May 2, 2002, 9:26 AM
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Use http://tinyclick.com , they are free and easy. From what I have seen so far there is not limit to how many you can have, I have a couple hundred TinyClick's and you can make meaningful names to unlike other sites i say where they generate a random name and don't let you change it. Hope this helps!