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A BIG Thank You...

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A BIG Thank You...
To JPDeni, Alex, and all who have helped me with my DBMan/DBManSQL scripts, I would like to say thank you! DBMan is definetely a wonderful program, and it has been a big succes, albeit some problems that were expected with user error!

With quite a few MODs from others, and a few of my own, The Marine Guestbook is now online running DBMan SQL. There are almost 34,000 entries in the guestbook. You can check it out at:


If it seems a little slow at times, it's because there has been no less than 300 people an hour searching the guestbook since I put it up. Also, if you go to our home page, I have integrated the login on every page in the left navbar. My next task is to get the 3 logins on our site down to 1. The UBB, Chat Room, and now The Marine Guestbook all require separate logins.

Semper Fi All!