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[BUG] HARDCODED texts in core code

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[BUG] HARDCODED texts in core code
Why are still hardcoded texts in core DBManSQL core code?
Exact Match, Like, and similar texts are hardcoded into
Dbsql\Relation\HTML.pm, GT\SQL\Display\HTML.pm and maybe several other modules.

I bought DBManSQL to use on my translated website, but in such situtation it's unusable for me, as I can't translate all the English texts. Frown
Of course I do not want to modify the core code, as I want to keep the future upgradeability.

Moving these hardcoded texts out of the core code would be very easy, so I wonder why don't you put enough attention to international usability.

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Re: [webmaster33] [BUG] HARDCODED texts in core code In reply to
I agree !!!!
I raised a similar point about error messages back in 2002 -
As I have said many times, DBMan SQL needs more GT attention and an upgrade.