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[BUG] DBManSQL bugs

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[BUG] DBManSQL bugs
I collected some of the bugs, what I did meet in DBManSQL until the moment.

  1. Creation of a new table is really difficult. Once I added all fields I want, and I get an error at field add, I start start over typing in all the table & field data. At error point, the old table & field content should be kept on error page, to be able to fix the error before go forward.

  2. When I change Form information (like Form Display) in a Primary key field, it can not updated, because it says: This table already has a primary key.

  3. Resync Database will cause, all "Form Information" content to be cleared. This information is independent from the database content, so should be reserved, and not cleared.

  4. The Sort By dropdown list on "Search Form" should contain the "Form Display" value, and not the field name. Currently instead of "Registration number", it shows "UserID", which is not a descriptive name for the website visitors.

  5. Missing a way, to create select field, with blank first value.

  6. Parentheses are causing error

  7. HARDCODED texts in core code

Unfortunately I'm afraid, I will expand this bug list in the future, as I'm getting to know better the DBManSQL.

Best regards,

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