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? has anyone integrated DBMan and DBManSQL?

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? has anyone integrated DBMan and DBManSQL?
This is a "bright" idea I had this morning but am not sure if it is possible, feasible, or more work than it's worth!

I have an extensively modified version of DBMan running for about 40 of our clients to submit information to our office. This uses 6 different data files and 6 config files and 6 html files. So the time I need to move all of this to SQL is farily extensive.

There is actually only one module that "needs" SQL and that is the section that allows customers to view their entire database (some of the client data sets are very large 3 to 10 megs each) Would it be possible for me to run this section from the DBMan SQL 1.02 versoin and integrate it with the existing DBMan version for Adds/Deletes/Changes for the other 4 main sections and run the login/passwords from SQL?

It seems like the main problems would be making sure the db.cgi's don't tromple each other and then making sure the password authentication is consistent through out all.

It's either this or
1 - continue slogging through the code one line at time to resolve all the needed changes and make them work (much much time)
or 2 - dump it all and rewrite the whole thing in DBMan SQL 2.

The first seems like less time for now, is it possible to do?????
Hollister, Ca