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use of globals
Hi, I'm making some modifications to my DBMan SQL site which has been running very well for some years. Getting back into the nitty gritty, I have forgotten some of the basics. My query stems from the following wish:

I have a table with a text field called 'content' into which I import fairly long articles.
Before uploading my file for import into the table, I want to insert a flag or marker which, when the article is display, displays a picture.

So I imagined creating a global called ' picture' (defined as "../path/to/picture_fileX.jpg") and then inserting into my article the flag <%picture%>. Now this does not work for some reason.

Working backwards, I cannot even get a simple substution of a global 'charly2' defined as "GT user baffled". I have certainly missed something very basic. Thanks for your assistance.
charly2 (previously charly in fora)
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Re: [charly2] use of globals In reply to
did you managed to solve this problem?

Best regards,

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