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requirement in selection list

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requirement in selection list
I currently have a selection list which is generated with the following code:


intpositions builds the selection list with positions as the name of each field and ID as the value

I also have a column in intpositions called active. I would like to require each records value for active that equals no to NOT display is the selection list. I would also like to sort this list alphabetically.

Can anyone help me with this? I emailed Stone a few days ago , but haven't heard back.

Thank you
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Re: [afail77] requirement in selection list In reply to
Unfortunately generate_full_down function doesn't have any features, to hide any listings from the selection list. Also currently there is no way to change selection list sorting.

The generate_full_down function could be modified to have more options, and to have the features you need.

I could do it as custom work for you, if you can afford my support prices:

Have a nice day Cool

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