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User signup and email
Hi all!

If the user wants to use a mail as a login - the message is given out: "Invalid format for username: mail@domain.com"
What module is responsible for this check.
I have examined a database and users.def - there is no restriction.
I want to allow to use to users a mail as a login.
Prompt the correct decision.


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Re: [Bigpat] User signup and email In reply to
Hey, this was already answered in your thread posted in Links SQL.

Best regards,

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Re: [Bigpat] User signup and email In reply to
I was interested to know the answer to this myself so I traced the answer to -
admin folder - Dbsql.pm - sub user_validate
which is is being called by - admin folder - Dbsql folder - Admin.pm - sub user_update
This is used when you try adding via your DBMan SQL Admin.
If you allow users to sign-up their own account it does not run the same format check and you can add the user with their email address as the username provided it's less than 12 character (which most probably aren't).