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Display formatting using globals

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Display formatting using globals
I have a DBMan SQL database consisting mainly of textual content. My principal field is <%Content%> and contains texts with paragraphs. ie with the occasional <P> tag. My wish is to be able to occasionally call a global (such as <%show_pic%> already used in my templates) which retrieves, formats and displays pictures.
But wouldn't it be nice to be able to embed such an instruction in the actual content of my <%Content%> field? Thus instead of inserting an occasional <P>, I would insert a 'kind of' <%showpic%>. At present such an insertion is ignored. Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: [charly] Display formatting using globals In reply to
Just a further note on the above:
I can of course just add:
<img src="http://www.mysite.com/pics/picture.gif" align=right> in my text. And this does display. But I am no longer able to locate, format, etc the pictures, this all being done in my global <%show_pic%>
Thanks for your wisdom!

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