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Email hyperlinks, Empty fields and user table issues

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Email hyperlinks, Empty fields and user table issues
I just installed the latest version of DBManSQL and am having problems resolving the following issues:

1. How to display an email field as a hyperlinked entry. The field per se is called Email. I tried to include this entry in the "search results" template but it didn't work:
<%if Email%> Email<a href="mailto:<%Email%"><%Email%></a><%Email%>

Any clues?

2. I am trying to avoid displaying empty fields. Is there a way to specify that in the search results template?

3. How to specify a different table than sample_users when trying to send mass emails. I have a table of users consisting of first name, last name and email address. I am not, however, using it as my default user table! I would like to link to this table to send mass emails! Is this doable?

Thanks so much for your advice.


have a few issues I am struggling with while