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wat is flock

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wat is flock
I turned flock to 1 and i didn't get an error everything is working.
but if 2 user open a record and modify it there is no erro displayed like

stop sombody else is already working of this record

The last record who arives at the database is aded.

so i ask what is flock

ist there a mod that displayed an error if a record is allready open for modify it

(sorry for my bad english)


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Flock does lock your records to prevent two people from being able to modify the same record at the same time.

It sounds like it is working just fine and providing you with a message to prevent 2 people from working on the same record.

Usually by setting the permissions up so that only those who entered the record can modify it .. will help to keep this from happening, as they will only be able to modify one record at a time.

If you are allowing many people to modify records, you will want to keep the file locking turned on.

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