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pm files error!

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pm files error!
Hello all!

I have Apache, perl, mysql, php

I download mysqlman.zip and start mysql.cgi

The program write error - she want dbi.pm, mysql.pm

I download this files and put in usr/lib and usr/sites/lib

Program write:

Error Message : fatal undef error: Can't locate object method "connect" via package "DBI" (perhaps you forgot to load "DBI"?) at z:/cgi-bin/mysql/mysql.cgi line 2939.

Script Location : z:/cgi-bin/mysql/mysql.cgi
Perl Version : 5.006001

Port 80

SERVER_SOFTWARE : Apache/1.3.14 (Win32)

Stack Trace
(main::cgierr) called from (z:/cgi-bin/mysql/mysql.cgi) line (34)

What I do?

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Re: pm files error! In reply to

Ummm ... I don't use dbmanSQL but I think you're missing the dbd:mysql module.

go to my link on the linksSQL forum:

there is also a mod checker script by widgets that alex posted and of course the link to the module itself.

good luck