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internal error on demo - help please

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internal error on demo - help please
im a newbie to all this.. so hopefully someone can help..

ive downloaded and extracted the dbman files..
when i try to access dbman.cgi from a browser it displays the message:

DBMan encountered an internal error. Please enable debugging to view.

i have tried to enable debugging, and i still get the same message..

according to my host, cgi scripts can be placed anywhere.. and the perl path is: /bin/perl

(this is off their website)

You will have to make a directory to store your programs.
This directory can be called anything except cgi-bin.
The path to perl on our UNIX servers is: /bin/perl

what am i doing wrong??
can someone please help!

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Re: internal error on demo - help please In reply to
Without seeing how your .cfg file looks it would be difficult to know exactly what the problem is.
If you save your .cfg file as a text file and provide the url so it can be viewed, it will help to see if there is something which needs to be changed.

Otherwise, you may want to visit JPDeni's DBMan Tutorial and see if the information there will help you.


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