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a.n.other "DBMan encountered an internal error."

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a.n.other "DBMan encountered an internal error."

I installed the original files included in the download and it all went according to plan.

I then went to JPDeni's site to go through the tutes there. Tried the Configurator uploaded the resulting default.cfg file and pasted into the html.pl file the code created by configurator, replacing the original code.

Uploaded the 2 new files. Checked the permissions. Went to the dbman url and BAM, "DBMan encountered an internal error. Please enable debugging to view."

I have uploaded the 2 files I am using at : http://www.threezero.co.uk/dbmanfiles/

I am unsure of what to do as I am a perl newbie (doh!). I have compared the files to the originals with no luck in spotting any obvious problems

Please help,

...anyone, anyone!

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Re: a.n.other "DBMan encountered an internal error In reply to

hands up to being a bit of an idiot (ok, a complete idiot) and wasting anyone's time.

The default.cfg file was renamed default.cgi (DOH!!). I wonder who did that. Must have been when I was getting that last beer from the chiller!


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