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Using Dbase files in dbman

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Using Dbase files in dbman
Hello. I have a database in Dbase format and i would like to usea DBMAN to make the database available on the companies website.

we have an old instalation that our old webmaster did for us : http://www.ramosmessina.com/...55&view_search=1

the problem with the old istalation is that no one know how to update the database.

do i need a new install of the dbmas script.

the currently installed version is extremely old. its 2.04

Please Advice

Ariel Ramos

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aramos: Oct 4, 2005, 5:50 AM
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Re: [aramos] Using Dbase files in dbman In reply to
The old script should still work. Take the data in your dbase file and format and export it so that the fields match the following exactly (you want "text" and "pipe-delimited"):


You can erase the file default.db and paste the new information over it. I'm assuming you know how to ftp files to your server. Just make sure the new file is uploaded in Ascii mode.

If you can't log into your database, then upload a copy of the default.pass file from the dbman script files (downloaded from Gossamer-Threads) where the password is still set to Admin/Admin. This will over-write the existing passwords and allow you to log in and create a new admin password.

A good resource is to post a message in the "Custom Jobs" section of this website. Someone can help you upload files if you are not comfortable doing this. They may charge a small fee, but it will save you a bunch of headache in the future.

PS: I noticed that your default.db (the db flat file) was a little over 1 megabyte. This is about as much data as this file can handle without "Flaking Out". You definitely want to make sure that the new data you paste in isn't so large.

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Watts: Oct 4, 2005, 3:18 PM