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Sign Up Form
HI there all,

Im creating another database for my site which will allow salons to join an affiliate program,

What I want to do is have a signup form which will include name tel address etc. etc. then once admin has approved this mail a username and password to the applicant they can then log on and change their address details etc. but not the commission they have earnt. I know how to do the latter of this by making some certain fields admin only, but can dbman make the signup form and automatically mail the user once accepted or do I have to create a seperate form and then add the user to the database manually.


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It is not wise to add additional fields in .pass files. What you can do is use the Password Lookup Mod (located at www.jpdeni.com/dbman/mods.html) to send out password and userids to subscribers. Then you can have two databases for this particular project:

1) Contact Information (contact.db):

includes telephone and other contact info.

2) Data (data.db):

includes other data.

There are many Threads in the Discussion Forum that talk about multiple databases and member databases.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Sign Up Form In reply to
Thanks Eliot

Ill look into it further.

PS I havnt forgot your Amazon Voucher.