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Setting up password entry

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Setting up password entry
Please can someone help me .I have searched the forum and tutorial but can't find the answer.

Whichever way I set up the configs I don't seem able to get to the password page when I call up the script with "......../dbman/db.pl" (have changed all cgi's to pl's and references to them, as my local Xitami server doesn't like them). If I set to 'no default' all the options I get are home & log off. I know that you are supposed to be able to enter using ....?db=xxxx&uid=xxxx but I don't want to do it that way. (I can't get that to work either)

My database needs to contain approx 120 fields per record and only up to 50 records. I need anyone one browsing to be able to go from a web page to a password entry system. If the pw and uid are correct then he would be able to view his own record only, no others.(The passwords etc would have been sent previously by another method) That's all

If I am doing something stupid please let me know


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Check your AUTHENTICATION PERMISSIONS against ones provided at the following web site:



Eliot Lee