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Permissions Problem on Windows 2000

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Permissions Problem on Windows 2000
I am having problems with permissions on a Windows 2000 IIE 4.0 server. Everything works well with the scripts and all, but my default.db file is able to be accessed through a web browser, which poses major security risks. So, if someone wanted to view the database file of all the records in the file, they could easily just find out the name of the database file and put it in the address box and voila, there it is. Has anyone come across this problem? I have set the permissions to what is recommended by both the readme file and by the following links:



But the file is still accessible. I have set the cgi-bin permissions to Read & Execute, with Write denied. Does anyone know how to make this file unaccessible via the web browser? Thanks for any help i can get!


I have read all the information I could find on this subject, but have not found anything that addresses this question. I search
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Not sure if this will help, but it was the most helpful post I found when doing a DBman setup for a WIN server.