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Permission Denied

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Permission Denied
I have been trying to set new user name and password for me. I am still in the Demo mode. I found the help that said if I could not log in using the admin/admin to delete all of the passwords and id's. I made the changes in the default.cfg and db.cgi. But now when I login using default as the login. I get this error message.

Error Message : unable to open: ./default.pass.
Reason: Permission denied
Script Location : /data1/hypermart.net/sherwingaddis/cgi-bin/dbman/db.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00404
Setup File : default.cfg
User ID : default
Session ID : default

I have tried to give myself permission to edit the file but no luck. Thanks for any help.

Sherwin Sales@jse.net

Sorry to seem a little less knowledgable but I need a little bit more instructions as to where to put the commands. I am using WS_FTP32 Lite to transfer files in ASCII mode. Where are these paramiters set?

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You have to set the permissions of the default.pass file to 666 or rw-rw-rw-.

If you are using FTP, make sure that the following permissions are set:

Owner: Read, Write
Group: Read, Write
Everyone: Read, Write

If you are using telnet, then use the following command line:

chmod 666 default.pass


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