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PWS problems

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PWS problems
Hi Folks,

(I accidentally posted this in the 'Discussions' forum earlier.)

I'm getting the dreaded "DBMan encountered an internal error. Please enable debugging to view." error message. I've turned on debugging but don't seem to get any more info.

I've read Astroboy's Windows checklist and as I'm still trying to set up the database on my local machine I'm assuming I don't need to worry about the whole ASCII/binary thing. I've associated both .pl and .cgi extensions with Perl and have had no problems running other .cgi scripts.

Here are the variables from the 2 files I've changed -

# URL of the directory dbman resides in. No Trailing Slash Please.
$db_dir_url = "http://pbn-computer/scripts/dbman";

from DB.CGI:
$db_script_path = "c:/inetpub/scripts/dbman";

Any help/advice would be greatly apprciated.

~ Tony

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(I accidentally posted this in the 'Discussions' forum earlier.)
I've just responded to that one...

BTW: You can delete posts using the "Edit" option after you post the thread.

- Mark