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Odd Error

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Odd Error
i got this error suddenly and now the db is screwed.
can anyone please help me this is very urgent..
you can see the txt version of db.cgi and html.pl at www.lynxas.com/testserver/db.cgi.txt and www.lynxas.com/testserver/html.pl.txt
please help ASAP Angelic

Error Message : Error loading required libraries.
Check that they exist, permissions are set correctly and that they compile.
Reason: syntax error at ./html.pl line 86, next char )
syntax error at ./html.pl line 108, near "sub html_page_top "
syntax error at ./html.pl line 136, near "}"
Compilation failed in require at habo.cfg line 52.
Compilation failed in require at db.cgi line 51.
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Re: [reuben] Odd Error In reply to
I would first suggest reloading your files in ASCII mode. When I copied the files it is displaying the comment lines on several lines which could be messing things up.

It's hard to look by line number for any errors when the comment lines run on 2 lines.

Let us know if reloading the files helps.

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