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Modifying Records

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Modifying Records
I have not been able to find this issue posted before. I am trying to create a membership database. I have DBMan up and running and have configured everything appropriately. I can access all aspects of the program. I have tried a couple of methods of entry of data. I have created a separate form and had it write to he default.db file. It also fires off an email at the same time to alert the individual in charge of registration. I can then view the written data in DBMan however I am unable to modify it or delete it. When I check the boxes beside the listing to modify it and then press modify all I get is a blank form without any data filled in. When I try to delete a file after checking it. I receive an error that no records specified.

The same thing happens if I enter the data from within DBman using the add module.

I am not sure what the deal is. If you want to have a look at what I mean email me and I can send you the passwords.

Look forward to any suggestions.


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Re: Modifying Records In reply to

I haven't found your message earlier, but I wanted to let you know that I experience exactly the same problem.
Maybe you have solved it? Please let me know.

Seems to be hopeless: Your message has been here since december and noone has answered it!


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Re: Modifying Records In reply to
I found the solution to mine in another part of the forum, after all:

The key to the problem:

$db_key = 'ID';
So, ID must be the same as ID in the %db_def Database Definition

if the $db_key = 'Bonzo' then you have to name the column containing the ID in your Database Definition 'Bonzo' as well!