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Links 2.0 >> DbMan
I would like to change from Links 2.0 to DBMan, because to avoid validate and build DB.

Does anyone make it before? Which is the best way?

Maybe auto-validate and auto-build of links2.0 would also be interesting. I have 30 new records each day, but auto should be working after each new entry.



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Re: Links 2.0 >> DbMan In reply to
DBMAN and Links 2.0 Integration has been discussed before...

Search the forums for DBMAN Links 2.0 Marriage.

And if all you want to do is avoid the validation process, all you have to do is edit the add.cgi and modify.cgi scripts to point to the $db_links_name rather than $db_valid_name.

Also, auto-validation has been discussed and addressed in the Links 2.0 Customization Forum.

Good luck!


Eliot Lee